Top 10 Reasons to Buy New vs. Used

1. It’s Brand NEW! This point almost speaks for itself! Wouldn’t you want to be the first person to cook in your gourmet kitchen? Or the first person to soak in your luxurious tub? Everything is clean and never been used!

2. Customize Your Dream Home to Meet All of Your Needs. Why settle for someone else’s choices when you can select all of your own? Don’t you want your new home to reflect your style? Build your home just the way you want it.

3. Advanced Floor plans and Designs. Designs evolve and old homes may not address the  way people live today. Wouldn’t you want to take advantage of high ceilings on your first floor, state-of-the-art kitchens, large open spaces, and double vanities in your bathrooms?

4. Under Warranty. Your new home, and the products within, are all brand-new and under warranty. A used home likely has old, used products that may need replacing. What’s the cost to replace a roof, appliances, cabinets, HVAC, or a water heater on an old home?

5. Energy Efficient and Cost Savings. Today’s new homes are far more energy efficient than homes even built less than 5 years ago. All new homes have to meet stringent energy standards and codes that weren’t in place in the past. More insulation, energy efficient windows, better control of air infiltration are all going to lead to lowered costs. Who doesn’t like saving money?

6. Low Maintenance. Today’s new homes are made with cutting-edge building products that require less care and maintenance. Another plus? The latest building systems and components are designed and engineered  to work together. Don’t you want to enjoy your home when you move in?

7. Safety. New homes must conform to the newest and safest building codes and regulations including smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. Hazardous materials, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and lead, have been eliminated from all new home building products. Keep your family safe.

8. Community Amenities and Neighborhood Bonds. Many new homes are built in resort-style communities with amenities such as pools, beaches, hiking trails, clubhouses, and schools and shopping nearby. When everyone in your neighborhood has just moved in, it is easy to quickly make new friends.

9. The Pride that Comes Along With That New Home Feel. You can feel proud of the new home that you helped design. New homes provide the care-free feeling of being able to live in your new home and not have to worry about whats going to go wrong.

10. Financial Advantages. Build your home equity. Roll the cost of upgrades into your mortgage and pay for them over time. When renovating a used home, you need to pay cash or get a home improvement loan with higher interest rates. Long term investment in a newer home leads to higher resale values.