New Year, New Home!

6 Tips for Your 2016 New Home Search

Every New Year we set resolutions to save money, eat healthier or to lose those extra few pounds that have crept up over the holidays. While these resolutions are all great, 2016 is the time to do something that will really improve your lifestyle: Purchase a New Home!

Just think-  A new home far exceeds those resolutions. Plus- Your new energy efficient home will help you save money, a new gourmet kitchen will motivate you to cook healthier, and a new neighborhood will have tons of places to explore and new people to meet that will cause you to want to be more active!

This all can be so fun and exciting, but be sure to spend some time preparing so that you choose the perfect home for you. Follow these short tips to ensure your home will be a perfect fit:

1. Location, Location, Location: One of the first things to address when house hunting is location. Where would you like to call home? Do you want to be close to where you work? Is being within a certain school district important to you? Or, maybe a great location to you is one that is close to your family and friends. And don’t forget about the shopping!

2. Be in it for the long haul: When searching for your ideal home, you need to look for one that you could see yourself living in for years to come. Buying and moving into a new home takes a lot of time, effort and of course money.

3. Find a Home You Can Grow In: Your home should be able to adapt to your life changes, such as, a new baby, a child moving back in after college, or taking in your in-laws. Many new home floor plans today include rooms that are multi-functional.

4. Determine your style: One of the most important decisions in deciding on the type of home you want is to find a style that fits your lifestyle the best. All homes are not one size fits all.  Whether it be a single-family home with a yard, or a townhome with low maintenance. You’ll need to consider how many bedrooms it would take for every family member to be comfortable. Would you need a guest room or a home office? Is a one-story or two-story home best for you? Make sure when answering these questions that you consider the present and the future.

5. Buy what you can afford: It’s easy to fall in love with a home that’s not within your budget. To avoid the temptation or the disappointment of feeling like you’re settling for less than you deserve, it’s best to only look at homes that are in your price range. To determine how much you can afford, we suggest visiting with a mortgage lender to get pre-qualified for a mortgage loan.

6.  Make a checklist: To help you focus on homes that you are considering, make a checklist of your “must haves”. Fill out a checklist for any home you would consider purchasing. It’s easy to forget little details about the homes you are viewing, especially if you see several in one day. We recommend taking photographs of features you especially like so that you can refer to these at a later time.

House hunting can be very overwhelming and time consuming. However, if you follow the right steps, it will lead you to your Dream Home!