Fall Inspired Ideas for Decorating Your Porch & Yard

Fall PictureFall is one of the best times of year! Take advantage of your outdoor living spaces and enjoy the seasonal transition. Here are four ideas on how to tastefully beautify your porch and yard that won’t require fake cobwebs or a big budget.

  1. Make your porch more inviting. Add simple, seasonal highlights to your porch such as a new mat. Swap out your Welcome mat for as little as $10-$20. Find one with leaves or shades of orange, green and brown so you can leave it out until Thanksgiving.
  2. Create potted arrangements. You can go to any nursery or garden center and they will help you create a beautiful autumn- themed potted arrangement for less than $50. Also, adding a few mums can bring in a touch of color. Try yellow, gold, red, orange, bronze, white, or even pink!
  3. Illuminate your home and yard. Adding a little light can have a dramatic effect, especially after Daylight Savings time ends. A good DIY project for fall would be to use simple LED spotlights for your landscaping. They come in various sizes and can greatly improve your outdoor space.
  4. Long-lasting Decorations. Using fruits of the harvest, such as gourds, pumpkins and dried corn on the cob, is a fun way to add color to your porch or as a centerpiece on an outdoor table. Your arrangement will last 5-6 weeks and the best part is— it can stay outside in any weather!