Design Trends for 2015

We all love to look at the latest design trends whether or not they work with our style. The latest trends in design can help distinguish one home from another. Here’s a look at whats to come.

1. Open spaces: People are looking for more open and connected floor plans with less walls. Openness provides for a more comfortable living area that can meet the needs of all family members. This will give greater togetherness.



2. Kitchen Islands: Larger kitchen islands are a popular gathering place as people continue to want a central gathering point. An island is great for sitting and drinking your morning coffee, entertaining house guest, or working with your child on homework.




3. Mudrooms: Mudrooms continue to be an important transition area in homes making it easy to catch clutter as family members enter the home. Additional features such as benches, hooks, and storage are very convenient.


4. Fireplaces: The sight of a flame—real or faux—has universal appeal as a signal of warmth, romance, and togetherness. New versions make this feature more accessible with more compact design and fewer venting concerns.



pendant light


5. Pendant Lighting: Lighting takes a center role in the lifestyle of a home. Lighting brings in a form of simplicity with the sleek look of a pendant light.





6. Lighter Colored Cabinetry: A trend that has taken kitchens by full swing is lighter colored cabinets such as white, eggshell, or gray. This adds a refreshing touch that makes a home feel bigger and brighter.