Should you Renovate or Buy New?

The decision to buy a new construction home versus renovating an existing home, is a common question families and individuals face every year.  Here are some factors to consider when determining what the best choice is for you:

New Homes Are More Energy Efficient Than Older Homes

New appliances and home systems are more energy efficient. Plus more efficient insulation and windows create buttoned up homes that are less expensive to heat and cool than older models. All of that translates into lower utility bills.

New Homes Can Be Tailored Up-front To Specifically Fit Your Needs

Finding the perfect layout for your home from the start, simplifies the process of ultimately living in your dream home. Different floor plans work for different family types and individuals. With a new construction home, you participate in the design process and are able to pick features and personalize color schemes. With an existing home, you are stuck with what is already there. Ryan Legacy Builders has access to many floor plans and provides you with a wide variety of choices to add your own personal touch.

New Home = Blank Canvas

Moving into a new home allows you to reorganize with a fresh blank canvas. You are able to declutter and organize your new home to ensure that there is a perfect place for everything. Also, since you will be assisting in the design of your new build, you can make sure you have the storage you have always dreamt of.

Challenges of Renovations

Some renovation challenges tend to be persistent regardless of the specific home. The renovation process tends to be very time consuming. When renovating you need to consider how your house will become a construction zone leaving you with partial living space. The chaos will be enough to disrupt the normal flow and routine you and your family have become to know.

There is also always the chance of unexpected additional expenses when doing a remodel. While remodeling you may find that you come across an issue that must be dealt with before the job can be completed.

New-Home Purchase to Avoid the Uncertainty

Rather than taking the chance of running into complications and additional costs associated with renovation, consider buying a new construction home and lower your risk.