Our Brand NEW Home was the way to go!

Homebuyers: Jeff & Faith Wachter

“We Love Our House! We decided to buy from Ryan Legacy Builders because we liked the style of their homes, their homesites, the price, and the fact that the house was brand NEW! Also, they offered $5,000 towards closing costs when using their lender! Our favorite experience was working with the RLB team to make a home that was our own with our own touches in addition to the already immense amount of upgrades included. Our favorite features of our Monocacy home are the Butlers Pantry, Kitchen, Office, Master Bedroom, and Over-Sized Garage.”

The functionality of the Monocacy is GREAT!

Homebuyers: Kevin & Shannon Stone

“The Monocacy floor plan makes it so easy for our family to function and be organized- especially in the Kitchen, Butler’s Pantry, Upstairs Laundry, and Huge Closets! Being able to pick out all of our finishes really made our home feel unique to us.”



We Love our Custom Loft & Laundry Room!

Homebuyers: Monte & Jessie Taylor

We chose to build our home with Ryan Legacy Builders because of all of the floor plan options as well as the ability to customize. We love our custom loft and laundry room!

Building with RLB was a “No Brainer”

Homebuyers: JD & Cassie Record

When asked about their experience with Ryan Legacy Builders:

“We researched Ryan Legacy Builders and they had stellar reviews from other first-time homebuyers which was very reassuring. Also, our realtor, Whitney, spoke very highly of Blaire, Ross and Pete which made it seem like a no brainer to build with Ryan Legacy. There were various steps of the process we enjoyed from picking our lot, to choosing our kitchen features and our hardwood floors. However, seeing  all of our decisions come together in the end was such a great feeling. We love our large front porch and it is also great having our laundry room upstairs.”

Everyday I say how GREAT my home is!

Homebuyers: Eric & Anne Gaumer

When asked why they chose a Ryan Legacy Builders home:
The open floor plan and all of the windows throughout the house made us realize that this was the home for us. Although we came in later in the construction process, it was exciting to watch the interior being completed with each step of the process.
The kitchen/dining/family room area is my favorite feature of our new home.  I love that I can make dinner and see the kids.  And the natural light pouring in the windows is amazing. We really love our home!  Everyday I say how great it is.